Note to Readers

Mark Oliver Worrell (born December 26, 1945) passed away from natural causes on October 8, 2013 near Gautier, Miss., where he owned a retail store. He also traveled across the country as a jewelry and art vendor. He was an Akron, Ohio area proprietor for many years, with stores in Fairlawn, downtown Akron, Spicertown, and Cuyahoga Falls. During that time he was active in serving senior citizens as part of a volunteer community group, which he founded. He enjoyed writing, and completed several novels and plays in recent years.

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Every single person, adult and child, needs to watch the Australian made documentary, The Hemp Revolution.  This isn’t about getting high, its about getting sane.  Its about recognizing how much gasoline lends itself to pollution, and a worldwide cancer problem only uncommon in the most remote and primitive of civilizations.  Its about using factual information to truly build a better world.  Its about removing corporate profit and greed from being the driving force in development and invention.  From medicinal use to the fact paper (its current production having a harsh toxic effect on the environment), once always made from hemp, was nontoxic in production and sheets of it lasted thousands of years instead of dozens.  That it grows annually, and that you can get four to five times the production use out of an acre of hemp versus an acre of trees, and do it every year instead of waiting years since it takes trees 8-12 years minimally to grow into available usage, and save trees, therefore, strictly for timber use.  Hemp grows anywhere.  Its necessary maintenance is nearly nonexistent. Its harvest would provide millions of jobs worldwide and in our nation, and dramatically increase (technically, bring back) stateside manufacturing and production.  Cars and machinery can operate on it with extremely low toxic residue, virtually none whatsoever in comparison to oil.  Pouring our energy into the agriculture development of hemp (actually re-establishing its importance and vast use to past levels) could remove our need for Middle East oil 100 per cent.   Are we as students of history aware that the word canvas comes from cannabis?  What do we think covered our pioneers in clothing and wagon trains in heat or cold, wind and rain?  Sails for the U.S.S. Bounty and every other ship that sailed the seas?  All rope.  Or that in 1937 the oil industry conspired with Harry Anslinger, head of the newly formed DEA at the time, and William Randolph Hearst, to demonize hemp by renaming it marijuana (sounds more foreign, something Americans are always suspicious of), making absurd claims of its effects, claiming it had no redeeming usefulness, shortly after the 1935 invention of nylon and synthetic fibers?  Kind of like Al Capone in the same time period, they knew if you eliminated the competition, business prospered.  Hearst made money galore, Anslinger established a harmless crop as the number one enemy for his outfit to police, and Congress got their money, too.

     Hemp For Victory (1942) demonstrates the crop’s importance, but was the last effort by the government to utilize this incredible agriculture product, after it assisted in our winning the war.  At the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., an institution we are profoundly proud of and visit and support, there isn’t a single mention of hemp in its History of Textiles display.  That elimination is explained off as “children no longer needing to know about hemp, and it is only confusing to them.”  I am certain many readers have come here to see some leftist liberal diatribe about Let’s All Get High rather than the conservative, let’s get sane and healthy information that is here.  Every American needs to watch this film.  Every Congressman and woman should have to watch it every single morning before they do anything else until they do something else to benefit us as a nation.  We are literally killing ourselves to avoid it.  Ford actually made car bodies from it.  Doctors utilized its potent medicinal properties.  Factories produced enormous product from it.  Ten times cheaper than corn produced ethanol for car fuel with no toxic emissions.  Tens of millions of jobs just here in the U.S. waiting to become reality.  An unlimited, profitable crop for farmers.  It isn’t the only answer to our current dilemma economically, but it certainly is a major one.


     If everyday you came to work, the employees you had hired to clean and organize the backroom were just sitting around arguing who was going to pick up the broom first, and who should carry what, and what should go where, how would an employer handle that?   Anyone can quickly figure out that they would explain, “If the job isn’t completed by the end of the day, you all can consider yourselves fired.” And, in all likelihood, by the end of the day, the job would be done, or you would have a new crew getting right on it in the morning.   Imagine if this had gone on for YEARS, and the employees said they had done other things, important things,  yet these things had messed up the room even more in your own observation.  Still, they claimed that they deserved their pay and benefits, because the discussion of how to go about cleaning and organizing the mess they themselves created was real work.
     We have the exact duplicate problem regarding our spending, taxation, and the impending fiscal cliff, and the Congress we have hired to correct and organize the problem is sitting around arguing about who will pick up the broom and what broom is needed.  And that is why impeachment processes should be begun against every single elected official by the voters themselves.   That includes the President.   Everyone.   Fired.  New crew, then the room, the economy, gets fixed.
 Until the budget is balanced and national debt paid, these millionaires and multimillionaires deserve never to be given a penny in pay or benefits, and fired on the spot. Yet their own rules that they themselves created prevent that.  Clever.  How long have we heard our entire tax process needs overhauled?  That we are spending far, far too much?  That it’s the other guys causing all the problems?   It was Bush, its Obama, its preventable, its unpreventable, yada yada yada.  Its Congress.

Why do we keep electing the very same people, thinking that is who is going to fix the mess, when its they themselves that ruined the economy to start with? Its the definition of crazy; doing things the same way with the same people but expecting totally different results. We did it again this year. Billions spent, same people back.  And, with apologies (truly) to Republicans, Mitt Romney was just another one of the same old guys in a “I know how to do it” mask.  We don’t need anyone in office who has ever been elected before.  Period.

Buckminster Fuller, creator of the geodesic dome and one of the greatest thinkers in our nation’s history, before he died, demonstrated in his Cleveland offices that we all could live the lifestyles of millionaires.  Every man, woman and child in America.  Not BE a millionaire, but live the lifestyle of a millionaire, in housing, eating, pension and daily nutrition.  Why don’t we?   Buckminster Fuller suggested we ask Congress, and then ourselves.  They are the reason why we are not.   We put them where they are.  They have never done their job fully.   Not for a day, not for a second.   Maybe at points before 1864, but certainly not once afterwards.   Oddly, that was when attorneys began to take all branches of government over in earnest.      

     If we just started the impeachment process in malls and public places immediately, each area geographically taking the responsibility to fire their own representatives, it might be like our walking into the back room and saying,” If this room isn’t completely redone and finished by closing today, every single one of you is fired.”   Even millionaires love a cush job, and after the room is finished, we should fire them at the next election anyway.   Why?   Because after the economy is fixed, we can be guaranteed they are positive they can go back to doing what they’ve always done: nothing, for the greatest pay, pension and benefits on earth.   Really want our country back?   Replace them; DO NOT re-elect them.    ALL OF THEM.   Time for average, normal people to run, and for it to be affordable to do so, because even then, its our money they are spending, never their own.  Billions to run?  Who, besides themselves, thinks that’s efficient?

     Why not limit election campaigns to six weeks, with no corporate contribution allowed, and a $100 individual limit on donations?   Why not get people into office who think trillions spent on wars is not a good national investment?  Why not start now?  Broom, please.

Possibly the biggest problem America has regarding the nuclear industry and the energy derived from nuclear energy is a lack of honest information as to what its benefits and dangers actually are.  That would be the responsibility of those who build these plants.   What if they didn’t tell us the truth?  What if they gave us misinformation?  And that would be also be our government’s fault, and that would be deliberate.   The Nuclear regulatory Commission is supposed to keep an eye on these things.  Inform us of the facts.   So what has happened?  What are the facts?  The closest and most accurate comparison would be how the tobaccoo industry regarded the public’s need to know as that group set about making trillions over the years by knowingly killing folks in the name of profit.   And how our government taxed them instead of prodded them to tell the truth.  Well, all things evolve.   Just what is it that nuclear energy causes that is so enormously, monstrously terrible?  And the true human jeopardy answer is, “What is lots of things.”

Isaac Asmimov, scientist and science fiction author, wrote the extremely short story “Hell-Fire” in May of 1956, and it seems the nuclear industry has set about proving it with a determined mindset ever since.  In 1956 we only dreamed of what nuclear science might provide us, and in Asimov’s concise short tale its a ball of fire that turns into Satan laughing it up at man’s stupidity.  Of course, we only thought mostly weapons back then were what we might do with it, even though Einstein hoped we could toss the newspaper in a reactor converter and light the whole block for weeks.  What went wrong with that idea?

For openers, the benefits are minimal at best.  It isn’t cheap.  It isn’t inexpensive.  That is lie number one.  Our electric bills have soared to cover the accelerated cost of this energy, and we have swapped out dirty energy, under the guise this is clean energy (lie number two), for extremely costly lethal energy.  In fact, it is the only way to turn on a light bulb that can kill you, unless you count standing in a bathtub filled with water and trying it.  The provision of its cost has raised our electric bills by five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times or higher. No one really knows; no actual published studies are available for that kind of thing.   Which is odd, since that the first thing industry and most everyone else look at before doing something; cost.  But you can compare a $17-35 bill in the seventies to a $170-350 bill today and see that national inflation isn’t responsible.  And, extremely conservatively, it has killed tens of thousands of humans worldwide in bringing it to us, and that figure realistically is probably in the tens of millions.  A spokesperson on a comment board for USAToday online claimed during the Fukushima meltdown flurry of news that there wasn’t a single death that could be related to the advent of nuclear energy.  Probably a GE employee.   We aren’t going to call this lie number three, because it is so preposterous that its beyond lying; its delusional, so we’ll call it Mental Breakdown Number One.  Folks in Chernobyl, and even Three Mile Island, might question that claim.  Or Cincinnati, where rabbits and squirrels set off Geiger counters that are in an area used by Boy Scouts to camp, and where the water supply they used came from ground seeped by leakage from the nuclear plant there.  The area is now off limits.  No known deaths?  Karen Silkwood might want to argue the fact.  But let’s not be picky, even as we are leaving nuclear weaponry out of the discussion.

The waste is the issue.  It is one of the most poisonous substances manufactured by, and known to man, and Cesium 137 is an element in that waste we want to avoid at all costs, because its basically a human pesticide.  These toxic radioactive substances are killers by being carcinogenic.  That simply means they are cancer producing for human and other life forms.  So probably the next question would be why, why do they cause cancer?   Why not cause our teeth to fall out, or our hair, instead.  Well, it probably does, but in answering the cancer question in a non-technological language that hopefully even young students can comprehend, we will use the same lessons  taught by a wonderful human being, Lao Russell, who was the head of the The University of Science and Philosophy, a leading voice in the movement to deter mankind from pursuing the unworkable and unusable industries of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy based on fission, a production format that produces these toxic wastes unavoidably.  They proposed a dual exploration of nuclear fusion, a process that eliminates the deadly waste factor, and tidal energies through tidal generators, producing clean energy endlessly through the movement of tides, just as most cities had used rivers for the exact same type source to drive generators at the advent of our nation’s development.  As time progressed, the University evolved these recommended methods to include solar and wind developments for energy provision.   Our mixing of all of these in a worldwide effort could provide enough energy to light and move the entire world, literally, forever.  If the tide, sun and wind ever stopped, we wouldn’t really need to be concerned, anyway, because we would already be long gone.  And its a fairly good bet they aren’t slowing, or worse, coming to a standstill, anytime soon.  Fusion, on the other hand, is a developmental industry that requires private and government investment and profound scientific research.   You know, the thing we humans are actually pretty good at.  We have the resources, so why we selected fission over fusion is simply because one of them is explosive, therefore highly desirable for weapons of mass destruction use — if one ignores the fact that you kill yourself along with the enemy by pulling the trigger — and the other only benefits mankind and community through clean energy.  Who needs that?  Now that we have invested so heavily in WMDs and great big nuclear waste refineries, we don’t want to have to “back up”, but is it backing up if you go forward in saving the planet and mankind from self-destruction?

So why is the wasteful product from any nuclear fission endeavor, exploding weapons or energy producing plants, so doggone horrible to start with?  The answer is that they are radioactive.  Yes, that’s the stuff.  Kills you quickly or slowly, depending on how close you get to it.  The obvious next question is why is radioactive stuff such a bad thing, and in this response, what Lao Russell had to say, who’s husband, Dr. Walter Russell, discovered the last seven trans-uranium elements known to man (radioactive elements), and whose treatise book Albert Einstein paid a small fortune for once upon a time, is the perfect response.  Radioactive elements are in a specific ratio to other cellular elements in Nature as a method of being essential in the process of decay.  Incredible, and, yes, just that simple.  Things like leaves deteriorate on the ground because the ground has radioactive elements in it.  They turn brown, they fall apart, they mix in a basic essential process with other elements, and they go away.  Fairly simple.  What is cancer, which is an effect of these toxic materials from explosive weapons and energy producing nuclear plants?  It is that decay process in action while we are still in our bodies.  Its also that simple.  Like leaves decaying on the lawn, we are decaying from what is in the air and the rain, the food and milk, the water we drink, and an entire array of toxic infection that is caused by nuclear proliferation.  We just happen to still be in our bodies.  For awhile.  Amazingly, there is a lot we can do about it to stave off the absoluteness of death by cancer caused by our selected dependence on this horrifying toxic industry, but not for everyone.  Those in Japan are going to be the living and dying examples of what a triple meltdown actually entails, and what the ramifications of radioactive waste really are.  This isn’t even guesswork.  It has already begun, and is terrifyingly unavoidable.  There is a reason why Japan will reimburse you for your flight upon arrival and offer nearly free hotels should you care to go look for yourself.  You’ll probably die for the effort, but you have to sustain tourism somehow in today’s world.  Why Japan didn’t become the island laboratory for fusion, wind, solar and especially tidal energy is the saddest aspect of all in this unfortunate reality.  They are an island, and perfectly suited for just those industries in energy, since they are surrounded by the tides, get plenty of sunshine, and enjoy winds on a constant basis.    Added to these, they could have inserted fusion just as a scientifally fun and profitable method of supplying the world with something more than just useful, but revolutionary.  Or we could have.  But something, probably General Electric and our own governmental foolishness in nuclear fission energy production for WMDs, convinced us to go the only route that could kill them all of us, and everything else living on the planet.  And now, it possibly has.  Oh, they aren’t going to start dropping like flies on an insecticide  soaked pad in Japan, but, in effect, that is what they have turned themselves into with GE’s and our help.  They are going to be like those leaves on the lawn; they’ll just be walking leaves decaying away until they are gone.  And it was all so unnecessary.  And it could have been such another story besides this tragic one.  And aliens may be saying this about us one day, all of us on earth, if we don’t get it into our heads that you can’t stuff toxic nuclear fission waste into the Rocky mountains forever, and that is what we are doing with what we are manufacturing from today’s 450 some plants.  We think that’s a solution.  Or that, before something really bad happens, someone else will come up with a better one.  Its the same thinking that has Japan dumping hundreds of tons of toxic water into the ocean.  Yes, it dissipates.  But that doesn’t means it goes away; it means it spreads out.  Its still lethal, one tiny bit smaller than the size of the point of a needle; a very thin needle point.  It takes a microscope to see one.  And has that alerted us to anything stupid we may be doing?   No.  We have six more nuclear plants planned for the near future, and GE can’t wait to explain to you why these are absolutely necessary and totally harmless.  They are lying on both counts.  What they are, for the company that has paid not a penny in income profit taxes for the past umpteen years, and received a rebate on their tax from you last year, is a real moneymaker.   Very, very profitable.  You can even add a few very’s and still be  extremely accurate.  And the very person they are killing, the taxpayer, is paying them for the right to die from it.  Would it stun or bother you to know that they, who took your rebate and cashed the check, made billions last year?  $14.2 billion dollars in profits, to be pretty much exact.  $2.3 billion in tax benefit rebates after taxes that they didn’t pay any of.  That’s $2.3 billion of your taxpayer dollars to them directly.


So there is a reason that GE is shoving plants down our throats at an unprecedented rate, just as they are stuffing the waste with a toxic afterlife (how long it is deadly to people) of 10,000.  Not as bad, they might explain, as Strontium 90, that kills us for 90 million years.  Think of it as progress.  Cesium 137.  10,000 years.  Strontium 90, 90 million years.  which do you want?  And they even have become leaders as counselors to Congress and our country in developing jobs and the financial difficulties we are in, we are told.  Well, why not; they are experts on causing it.  Think of the cost of what cancer and those deaths have penalized this nation, and while GE isn’t responsible by any means for ALL cancer deaths, they can’t claim its small or an unaccountable part, either.  But we have had cancer deaths accelerating ever since Madam Curie developed x-ray technology from her own experimentation.  There’s a reason doctors wear those heavy lead-lined aprons and you do, too–they have the advantage, though, of leaving the room.  X-rays are a huge advance in medical science and technology; its just that they also are profitable.   So what might have been a periodic use under medically dire circumstances of a discovery that is essentially helpful and lifesaving, may now be more of a standard experience for us all without regard to what they are really doing as we get x-ray after x-ray after x-ray.  Just like GE.  And all of it is reminiscent of the operations and attitudes of the tobacco industry in giving us an American smoking habit that is, at long last, finally fading.  Too late for many, too soon for some, especially tobacco industry executives.  Just like GE.

And someday, maybe someone will ask the military how they are disposing of all those nuclear reactors that powered all the ships and subs they thought it would be swell to load up with?  But it will never be  some one like GE.  But that’s the subject for another day.  I think we could all use a recess.  Just like GE.

“TEPCO said it was able to stop the leak by stacking sandbags around a crack found in a concrete barrier around the condensation unit. The company said the sea water around the drain had a slightly higher level of a radioactive substance — cesium 137 — than usual. TEPCO said it is still working to see how much contaminated water may have reached the ocean.”


The Japanese have found another leak. There are “higher levels than usual” of cesium in the sea water.   What they fail to mention is that there isn’t supposed to be any at all if we aren’t discussing lethal problems to humans.   After a complete lapse of media news information on the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown since late May (the only information that I personally found online was late October: a substantially current communication between two nuclear scientists discussing that cesium levels were 32,000 times the recommended safety limit, and that the measurements had been done about 80 miles south of Tokyo and quite a distance from the accident itself) USAToday and other news outlets have an additional bit of information printed today. Today’s article not only speaks of increased sea water levels of cesium, but has a video of international news discussing briefly that the head of the recovery program in Japan has been hospitalized with what may be radioactive poisoning from the spill. The article goes on to compare this meltdown with a Level 7 catstrophe on par with Chernobyl, which is like saying that a PGA tournament is on par with a local friday night PuttPutt tournament; not hardly a rational comparative unless you know nothing about golf.

What has happened in Japan initially had caused cesium 137 levels to be found in cow’s milk in Alabama 8 days after the accident.   Not good.  We have to grasp that this international catastrophe is going to effect the health of isolated Tribes in New Guinea,  people who have no idea what a car is let alone nuclear energy.   That will happen because of radioactive high altitude winds and rain (which is how it got to Alabama so quickly).  There isn’t a human being breathing that this won’t effect in one manner or another.   It is a sorry state of affairs at best.  Even as our own news showed us clearly several months ago a flood going right to the doorstep of a local plant, threatening a similar accident here in the United States in Nebraska, the government and General Electric announced continued plans for half a dozen more of these plants to be newly built.   Obama stated personally, “We can’t just take nuclear energy off the table.”  A quick question would be; why?  Germany wisely has.  Other European nations are giving it serious discussion.  It is the most expensive method available,  having ten times increased the cost of household electricity since its inception, and the only lethal way to turn on a light bulb.  So a quick answer might be; its also the most profitable to corporations, especially GE, and to the government since we own the technology that is initially installed.   Only problem?  It just doesn’t work.   Not safely.   Not effectively.  Not cheaply.  But particularly, not safely.  This is the third major nuclear disaster since we were told it was so safe and would provide such cheap energy that we just had to ignore any concept of choice in the matter and void any other alternatives in its favor.   As reference to that fact we will direct anyone interested to the website of the University of Science and Philosophy ( http://www.philosophy.org ) and the home of the lifetime work of University founder Walter Russell, who was the discoverer of the last seven transuranium (radioactive) elements known to mankind. Albert Einstein paid a serious amount of money of the day for a bootleg copy of Dr. Russell’s work while Einstein was still in Europe, a treatise on atomic substances and other science.   There is a letter written by Einstein to Russell under glass at the University stating that he wished he had a glimpse of what Russell totally knew on radioactivity and its science.   Russell’s book, Atomic Suicide, written with his scientist wife, Lao, was a bestseller in the ’60s, and the science expressed there hasn’t changed one iota, even if the greed of corporations has. The fervor in pro-Earth demonstrations that was literally clubbed silent in the 1970s and ’80s as nuclear energy took a grip on the American wallet, and the corporate interest in it, needs to be found again.

What has happened in the world is appalling.  Ask your elected representative what we are doing with the lethal poisons and residue from these hundreds of plants we have built, true human pesticide in the form of nuclear waste, and if he’s honest he’ll explain we are stuffing it in the Rocky Mountains and that exponentially it will spread there until it can kill us all, as an earthquake or other natural occurrence in weather and disaster breaches this grand idea of disposal.  What to do with it?  The plan is we’ll figure it out before it can kill us.  That really is the only plan we have in effective use. The theory is, we have tens of thousands of years to find out, because that is how long it remains lethal.
We really, really shouldn’t care if its Republican or Democratic or Libertarian leadership that takes over the reigns; it  should just be mandatory that its someone who recognizes gross greed and stupidity, and who puts a squelch on the nuclear tide that GE has been pushing for 50 years now for gigantic profit at horrendous cost to the public.  Just like tobacco, their entire claim of our need is based on a lie that ignores the guaranteed element of death.  No one should just take my word or Russell’s word for it: study the issue yourself and see what conclusions you come to.   Mankind needs to get a grip on reality; nuclear fission has become a codeword for power and strength, and you’d think it was synonymous with discovering how to make gold and diamonds out of ordinary dirt, instead of death by cancer causing radioactive poisoning that is unavoidable, and that we have no knowledge of how to get rid of it.

Watch Japan. There is a reason that if you visit they’ll pay for the hotel and reimburse your flight costs once you are there.   Do not allow the media outlets to go silent again; they will give their audience whatever they ask for in a continual stream, as long as there is a demand.   We need this information.   In May, we were told that possibly in two years Japan might have a method of adequate and safe containment.   Possibly.   It was estimated.   And then the news went so silent that many of my intelligent and educated friends thought that guessing how to fix it certainly had already become a reality. Today’s article demonstrates it has not and probably will not. The man in charge of fixing it is dying from the attempt.   No, absolutely not.  Toxic waste continues to flow unabated from Fukushima Daiichi.  We are in a terrible situation, and GE and our government would like to build new plants even while we try an improvise a solution to this meltdown that is a worldwide problem, not just Japan’s.

Japan should have been leading the Earth in technology that utilized wind, solar and tidal energies. Their island nation was an ideal laboratory for it.   Instead we are about to watch them lead us in nuclear accident related deaths.   Sometimes intelligent men and women have truly no notion at all what the real way of tomorrow is, or even if there is going to be a tomorrow in any sensible interpretation of the word.

Sometimes A Foul Notion

The Natalee Holloway murder case has, especially due to the fact the prime suspect has murdered another girl, Stephanie Flores Ramirez, five years from the exact date Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba, gone stagnant in what seems to be both investigation and public interest.  Many think the deceased, Paulus Van Der Sloot (forefront), a failed and flunked washout as a judge-in-training, whose son, Joran Van Der Sloot, the young lad with the bloodied shirt, and two Suriname brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, raped and murdered her.  Deepak is also in the above photoshopped picture, which says more than we might imagine about realities in the case.  Several years of studying the disappearance, highlighted by Paulus Van Der Sloot’s declaration, within the first few days she went missing, of “no body, no case,” and observing the behavior of the suspects, would suggest they did.   At the very least, as this photo implies, Paulus had the Harvey Keitel role, as depicted in Pulp Fiction, of body disposal man.

Many others, from Paulus’s friend, the Chief of Police, Jan Van der Straten, to the lead detective and main remover of evidence, Dennis Jacobs, descriptively one whale of a detective, literally, shoved U.S and world media and the Holloway family rudely off in what has been described as an island wide coverup.  Two black men were initially arrested, and the boys allowed to remain free, unfettered, and destroying evidence, along with her body, until American outrage and uproar prevented them from continuing.  All four, father included, were arrested, and then released for “lack of evidence.”   Considering they had ten days prior to arrest to destroy everything, that isn’t very surprising.  The two black security guards, having nothing to do with the case other than residing on Aruba, Mickey John and Abraham Jones, arrested six days after she went “missing”, were released, their nightmare over.  That fact alone should allow Americans to realize the 1940s-50s mentality of the island police.  It fits, as it matches their equipment offered, and the efforts to solve this case.   Just like their sandy beaches, it was fake (the island is actually volcanic rock, not the beautiful island paradise shown outside the expensive hotels; imported sand is what you get there, but, at least, its real sand, unlike police investigations).   When Dave Holloway spent days digging in the sweltering island heat at the central garbage dump where his daughter’s body was rumored to have been left, the island response was to bring in a tractor and cover his exhausting and exasperating effort up when they forced him to stop.

It is NOT a safe and happy island, as the brochures claim.   Far from it.   It may surprise Americans to know that Natalee Holloway, a self-described virgin (and said by everyone else who knew her) and future pre-medical student headed for the University of Alabama, is not the only missing American who came to the island for a pleasant vacation; there are nearly half a dozen, give or take what Aruba will admit, Americans missing and probably murdered in recent years.   Aruban authorities deny everything but that the missing were there at some point.

Some supporters of the Holloway family even think Paulus faked his own death last year to escape his guilt, and is alive and well and laughing it up somewhere.  While that is unlikely, Aruba itself has caused the deepened suspicions because of falsified information regarding Natalee Holloway running away, pregnant , of course.  Quick work, her pregnancy, for those Arubans claiming it, although many there have also accused in published tantrums that she was pregnant by her stepfather, Jug Twitty, an established and successful Alabama businessman who arrived on the island with her mother, to the shock of the killers and their supportive residents, the day following Natalee Holloway’s  ”disappearance”, by private jet.  And if she hadn’t been running away from her stepfather’s incestual crimes, then she was pregnant from a handsome, young , unnamed Aruban boy,  swept off her feet, and horrified at having to be an American doctor and 4.0 student,  and to face a life of success.   Just a foolish girl in love.   She was swept off her feet all right, by a group of Aruban high school boys forming  a pack of predators preying on similar aged American girls on their last night on the island, calling themselves The Pimps.  Investigation has demonstrated this is an absolute fact, and well known by police and others in authority.  They thought it cute and laughable.

With the acknowledgement of lead investigator Dennis Jacobs, who warned Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, to beware his own drinks, since it was recommended, as Holloway didn’t have the kind of cash Jacobs usually got to do his job (his first words to Dave Holloway, when asked about Natalee and how the investigation was proceeding, were, “How much cash do you have?”) that he should just go wait at Carlos ‘N’ Charlie’s, and when the Aruban she had probably run off with tired of her, which was, Jacobs claimed, very common for American girls, she would wander in.   Fact:  his daughter was victimized at local bar Carlos ‘N’ Charlie’s through the purchase of a $25 a shot date rape drug, with common Aruban awareness, sold over the bar like pop.    If anyone has seen a picture of Jacobs, he is so overweight he couldn’t chase his own shadow three feet.  Worse, according to FBI and DEA sources, he is one of the most slovenly corrupt officers on the island, and they are the most corrupt police force in what remains of the Dutch Kingdom.   The word most often heard from our sources regarding the Aruban Law Enforcement (ALE) was, appropriately, the word vile.  Aruba itself has become the  preferred spot for Europeans who feel Amsterdam isn’t wild and decadent enough.   The casinos allowed a known seventeen year old to drink, carouse, and run his and his pal’s hustle games, and to break tournament and gaming rules with a wink.  If you need to lose your cash, or are just looking for a gang rape, Aruba is now possibly the world’s number one spot for being cheated, drugged, raped and murdered that your buck can buy.   Legally  cheated, of course, as is the Aruba way.   Wink, wink.   Joran Van Der Sloot at 16 and 17 went to any bar or casino he cared to.  His father “the judge” has been linked as a probable provider, during a stint in government clerking, for the illegal gaming license at the Excelsior Casino (at the Holiday Inn) run by a well known Chicago mobster.   It is rumored on the island that Paulus and his son had an open tab there.  What was the Aruban government’s response that a convicted felon ran the casino where Natalee Holloway met both Joran and his father, who claimed to be a judge (as did his wife; he isn’t, wasn’t, and never was going to be), impressive to a young, well-educated girl of 18?  “We have no idea how that happened.”   Their exact words.  Did they pull the license illegally provided to Michael Posner?  Do dogs speak English?

Deepak Kalpoe, prior to filing a lawsuit with his brother against our own mean, evil, and lying Dr. Phil  (sure, everyone knows that; he’s another ethical fake, just like Oprah Winfrey;  yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket) is quoted in his own police statement as saying they (The Pimps) “had done this twenty or so times, but nothing ever went bad before.”    If a kid admits to doing something 20 or so times, the real answer, as Judge Judy has explained to us, is probably a hundred.  The lawsuit, filed in December of 2006, has been languishing, untried, in our courts now for more than just several years.   As od December, 2011, this suit still hasn’t budged a millimeter.  The hoped for big settlement the Kalpoes greedily wanted to earn was not forthcoming from the honest and honorable Dr. Phil.   The ignorance and stupidity necessary to believe that a man would risk his newfound wealth and fame based on honesty and integrity, as Dr. Phil McGraw has, to falsely impugn two brothers of murder and rape is so preposterous, so unbelievably foolish, that it does explain how the Kalpoes thought their own evil endeavors were fun.   Astoundingly, the fact that they detailed the car used at 4 a.m. the same night that Natalee Holloway disappeared was not deemed suspicious by ALE.  “No evidence of a crime” still is what they babble endlessly in response to media and secular inquiry.

Our own research shows there has been, historically, a series of rape gangs operating for decades on the same principle of victimizing females enjoying their last night on the island.   Followers of the case feel that the Kalpoes felt left out of the incredible sums of money the Van der Sloots and others made on the crime, and wanted their fair share, since The Pimps were dissolved as entire families named fled the island within weeks of the crime.  The franchise was limited, anyway, as you can only kill so many girls, and claim they are simply missing, before big media money wanes.

You can ask Joran Van Der Sloot (pronouced slote).  Five years from the exact date Natalee “went missing”, he murdered the daughter of one Peru’s leading families in another rape attempt (her jeans were pulled off, but poor Joran says he doesn’t know why or how that happened; he was only trying to murder and rob her–yes, he actually said that) and stole nearly $10,000 and her truck, worth about three times that.  He says he did it because he was outraged she had looked at his laptop and asked about Natalee Holloway.  I guess no one ever mentioned to him he could have locked her and anyone else out by password coding whatever he wanted to keep private.  On the other hand, one ex-FBI agent said to me recently that Van Der Sloot is such a liar he would even lie if telling the truth could help him.

His future trial in Peru has overwhelmed what remained of an Aruban investigation after the Netherlands police were forced by international outcry to intervene.  Our own FBI had been told they are unwelcome in the Holloway case.  Warrants for extortion await him in the United States for trying to sell the location to Beth Holloway, Natalee’s mother, of where they had disposed of the corpse.  But Joran isn’t the only entreprenuer making hundreds of thousands, some less, off this crime; a “professional” self acclaimed journalist (read: out of work hack), Renee Gielen, has done a ”documentary,”  The Unrevealed Time Lies, and written hack jobs attacking Natalee and her family, and glorifying Joran as a decent, misunderstood and misjudged human being who was unfairly mistreated by press and Natalee’s family.  She has been nearly silent since his second murder/rape effort in Peru, as has Julia Renfro, another gutter hack and co-crank, and the first Joran glorifier to spread lies of Natalee, of the many that surfaced like sand fleas on Aruba.  I guess you just do what you have to do to earn a living there.   It’s the Aruban way.   Governor Riley of Alabama supported and asked for an America response through boycot of this dangerous vacation spot, as have the Holloway families (her parents are divorced).

Sometimes A Great Notion

     Every now and then, something special happens in American politics. A creative idea, a balancing law, or just the amazement when someone actually appearing to be honest is running. Obama grabbed that baton in his Presidential race. And he did pretty well with it, and won. So why is he giving hope and honesty such a bad name politically? President Obama was basically elected to improve our economy. That meant bringing the middle class back into its position as a major foundational plank of the nation’s economy. The Trickle Down Lie is over; its time for it to be plugged. President Obama was elected because, unlike other candidates, he emphatically told us that one of the ways he planned on accomplishing that was getting us out of the Middle East War (there is only one real war we are in there, despite what we want to claim as otherwise; we are just fighting in different countries, like in WWII.).  None of the normal GOP-Dem game ploys that guarantee a second term: “we are forming committees to look into this, and in my second term…”.  No, Obama and Biden told us, right away; not in his second term; Seems like if we recall it, something about 6 months to a year was mentioned. It was a major concern, selling point, and focus of the campaign. End the War.

     You know, the War his predecessor flew a S-3B Viking jet onto the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier ~ nearly five years before ~ to announce that it had been won, that all objectives had been met. Nearly five years before. Was that a lie? Was President Bush having a cocaine revved flashback to Daddy’s War? No, as that would have been an absurdly apparent lie and the world probably would have pointed that out. So why are we still there? What has happened that we just can’t go home? We can logically suppose that the Bush Administration, the Republican and Democratic Parties, and our military, just hadn’t quite gotten up the nerve to explain a little hidden agenda, because the true mission hadn’t quite been accomplished, or even announced. No voting for us on the additional, unannounced, misguided foolishness that is the plans for the democratization of the Middle East. And how is it planned to be accomplished? By forcing Afghanistan and Iraq to become what we prefer by intimidation and force. No more of this cleric stuff in politics. Hey, we are the winners and they are the losers–don’t we get to say what goes? Well, not really, since we claimed we only went there on the basis of Weapons of Mass Destruction that apparently were all over the place except where we could find one, or that Al Queda could hardly make a move without the Saddam Hussein stamp of approval. But it’s a fact that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan had attacked us. They could even both be described as our best allies in that sector of the world. Hussein was essential in battling the Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran when we were declared the Satan of the Known World by them, and it was American money and supplies to Iraq and Saddam who brought the fist shaking Ayatollah down. That’s right, amnesic America; Saddam Hussein fought our worst enemy in the Middle East and kicked his ass in the back alley between Iraq and Iran. He was our buddy. That great American subsidized victory was historically followed by Afghanistan defeating World Communism for us, again with our money and supplies, and especially our weapons systems of land to air rockets that could be individually launched. Sometimes called Charlie Wilson’s War for the Texas Congressman who wouldn’t give up on our commitment to the Mujahideen, the Afghanistan people rode their burros to glory for us against Russian tanks, and won. No more Soviet Premiers banging shoes and calling us names; communism was gone, and gone for good, thanks to our friends in Afghanistan. Pretty darn good.   

     But then, suddenly we were transformed into an occupational force even as we agreed that all of the goals the Bush Administration had set before the public about the purpose of the invasion had been met. Now the cause, the objectives, and every essential reasoning as to why we had gone there in the first place, were altered into a new set of lies, lies to keep the credibility of being there up, while having to break international law to get what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld really wanted, in a manner that might seem acceptable to civilized nations and people. Why was that necessary? Truthfully, for the exact same reason these men, guilty of criminal actions against our former friends and allies, felt torture also was a necessity; because we have corporations and the men who run them deciding we ought to force the Middle East to adopt our culture and our way of governing, rather than their own, at gunpoint. You know, the new American way; at the point of a gun. Well, maybe its actually not so new. And why? Profits. We can say oil, but that’s just another cover story, also, as we have enough stored oil to last decades, and enough reserve fields under our own soil to last until someone wise enough announces that just like going to the moon, we are going to move our nation on something and in some manner that doesn’t require oil in ten years or less. Oil is just a profitable idea that we can’t seem to put down even as we know we have to. And, in the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld mindset, that weirdo Arab culture and their piddling clerics is all that’s keeping our hands out of their cookie jar. There is no other purpose besides getting an unobstructed corporate grab, kind of like The Bailout was to American taxpayers, of the Arab wallet (natural resources)  Its just an extension of what Congress has allowed them with the American taxpayer‘s wallet. In their world, it’s the grip that counts.
     The amazing fact is that very, very few Americans have protested. Why? There were no weapons of mass destruction. We created more terrorists than we’ve killed, and our own military says that civilians in these countries have borne the burden of most of the violence and death. People, who just a few years before saw us as their hope, a people willing to die for our freedom and our international principles, were now backpacking evil, pure and simple, from the eighth dimension. And, of course, regarding the oil, we as taxpayers aren’t sharing in the profits. Just the opposite, in fact, as we are guaranteeing its availability for the corporate structures on our dollar. And we know without lessons, unlike our Presidents, that it isn’t our way to come in with a gun and say, “Here is what you are going to be, here is how you are going to do it, so get busy or get shot.“ And for those with an education, kind of like torture, we were taught that America just doesn’t do it this way…not ever. We don’t just know it, but, even more, it is the heart of American freedom and democracy. The Constitution and Law say so. So why are we doing it? Especially when the majority of Americans want us to just cut the crap and get out, and when most sane military leaders say it’s a dead end street. It is even helpful that the rest of the civilized world feels we have made a terrible bonehead move and that we should cut our losses and leave. So what has kept us there? George and The Boys decided bunkering our own forces and keeping them there to die for the sake of another errant Bush concept was preferable to just being victorious and coming home? Anyone see anything harmful and illthought in that?

      Hmmmm, well, yes; it is hubris beyond Oedipal stupidity and sort of bragging about being retarded reactionaries who would shoot our own foot off before admitting any error or blunders in killing someone for 9/11. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the economic reports that, rather than having an honest presentation of unemployment under the Bush and the current Administration, we keep a half million or so kids overseas for the sake of corporate gain: they certainly won‘t need jobs for awhile. Not ever, for some of them. It was a good stance for the last election. Let Obama or the Dems worry about the job nonsense and what to do with the war remnants. It not a GOP problem anymore; thanks to the great American blame switcheroo, its their problem, those lousy Democrats; its their fault now. Vote Republican and save ourselves. Somehow. And we did.
     As the Bush Administration did with the critics who preferred the truth to the request for lies to substantiate going to war in the first place ~ especially when garnering exactly what the truth is would actually be their job, like Valerie Plame, a CIA agent ratted out by her own countrymen and the President, along with Presidential staff, while undercover, who had a job determining where and with whom real WMDs might be ~ doing it ethically and with honor was out of the question. And we have been emphatically lectured by President Bush that war is truly good for us, kind of like vitamins.  Anyway. profits are up.  Jobs are available. Do we want to end all that?  Weaken America?  Things were so economically fragile we had to give a trillion dollars to banks and corporations without supervision, and now we want to end the Endless war, too?
     Well, yes, we do. And, again, why? Because we finally have figured out that we still have debt, huge debt, enormous and unbelievable debt, from Vietnam still owed, and have barely managed the payment for Korea, and now have every other military action yet to pay for that has happened since Vietnam. And there are lots of them, because, while war is bad, bad, bad for individuals, it is terrific for corporations who aren’t borrowing from banks to make it all take place (that would be the taxpayer).  They’re just taking advantage of the fact that it is taking place. Isn’t that what America and Capitalism is all about? Opportunity? Even when you have to create it at the cost of the lives of the middle class youth ~ and this war is being fought by that group of Americans who are struggling the most ~ and the economic future of their own time to raise families? Bush and his cronies utilized the desperate job situation for the absurdly elevated cost of higher education to supply the war with folks willing to grab the tens of thousands of dollars falsely promised if they would just sign up and go do it. Heck, risk your life for a couple of years and maybe you would be able to afford college in America with the money given for that risk. How many Congressmen and/or Senators have children fighting for the noble reasons behind the war? Zero. -0-. Nada. How many sons and daughters of wealthy families have signed up for the Get Our $50,000 Grand Special for the new brand of patriotism(If you don’t have it, we’ll pay you to act like you have some)? About the same. World War II, Korea, even ‘Nam, these wars were different; athletes and the sons and daughters of the rich and the elected both fought and died in them. Not this one.
     So, again, why are we in the war still? Why hasn’t the greatest leak in the economy been sealed off and the repair started; the war itself?  Wasn’t this the last election promise by all of them, nearly every person running, all parties included?
     Well, how about this as a possibility: because the money is pouring into the pockets of Blackwater and Halliburton and a few, very few, other firms, and Halliburton and Blackwater have big, big hands. How does a corporation, Blackwater Worldwide, that was founded in 1997, come to carry such taxpayer obligated financial weight?     Wikipedia says: “Xe Services LLC (pronounced Ze) is a private military company founded as Blackwater USA in 1997 by Eric Prince and Al Clark. The company has a wide array of business divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-off corporations but the organization as a whole has aroused significant controversy. Iraq War documents showed that Blackwater employees committed serious abuses in Iraq, including killing civilians. Altogether, the documents reveal fourteen separate shooting incidents involving Blackwater forces, which resulted in the deaths of ten civilians and the wounding of seven others, not including the Nisoor Square Massacre that killed seventeen civilians. A third of the shootings occurred while Blackwater forces were guarding US diplomats.”     

           This is one of the most parasitically dependent on taxpayer income corporations on earth. And Halliburton isn’t any better; run Dick Cheney, greed and corruption, corporations and the war in any search engine and see what you pull up. Because that search will pull up article after article involving our ex-Vice President, trials, charges, and the war. Why? And why do we feel that protecting these criminals is more in our interest than prosecuting and putting them in jail? George Bush pardoned Dick Cheney’s devoted but corrupt assistant, Scooter Libby, before he had served even one minute of a 30 month sentence. A U.S. Court thought Libby should go to prison for over two years. Why? Are we like Russia, sending good and honest men to prison for being that way? Not hardly. Criminals go to jail in this country. Scooter Libby is a criminal, even if he has been pardoned by a partner in that crime, the President himself. Fox News couldn’t even discuss the happening and use the word crime to describe it, on instructions coming down from…where? YouTube has a hilarious segment of a reporter attempting to describe Libby’s guilt and not use the word crime. It has to be heard to be believed.

     For what reasons are we tolerating these criminals and allowing our national wealth (our jobs) to be sent overseas, and our resources (our youth) to get shabby, absurdly expensive educations that do not result in lifetime employment, just lifetime indebtedness to banks? As even the illiterate know, most young people leave college now with far more than just the diploma they went there to get, as previous generations have done; they get the cost of a mortgage for a new home as a debt, but not the home itself. Didn’t they go to college to assure that they could provide a future family with a home? Why have we allowed banks and universities to devise this economic pitfall (true financial quicksand) for our children when we didn’t have to deal with such unethical greed as we left school? Why don’t we care? Why have we relinquished control of our own destiny under the dishonest guise that the destiny of citizens in the Middle East takes precedent over our own and our children’s? These are questions our children and grand children are going to be asking someday.
     And just to make certain it stays that way, lobbyists and Congress and banks have the bed they share with a mattress made of trillions of taxpayer dollars to fall back on. They would like us to believe that it is getting to be too far, too distant, from having correctable circumstances, without the war. Way too far. And that is our fault. Yours and mine. We let it happen, and we let it happen to our children. We watched rich people getting richer at the expense of a healthy America, one with a bright future and a strong job and educational base. We must have desired this somehow, because its what we’ve gotten. They would like us to believe that. it’s the truth, and that’s just the way it is.
     But, wait, BatFans: no. No, it isn’t. Unlike the pardoned Scooter Libby, we can put a few of those who have earned it in prison, and write regulatory laws that forever will prevent financial institutions from doing it to us ever again for the rest of time. Or, if they do, prison and a confiscation of their wealth is what they will get for doing it. And if Congress won’t pass those laws, or dare to discuss them intelligently, we can dump those individually who don’t actually represent us. We call it voting. Let’s do it! And this time, let’s promise to think about it before we do it. And then, instead of just saying it for kicks, that we’ve really thought it all out ourselves, we ought to actually try it the next election and every single one following. Forever. We can accomplish all of this within a few years, utilizing the electoral process our Forefathers wisely left us as the tool.
     If we don’t, then we get to ask the final question ourselves, of ourselves.  Final Jeopardy: the direct path to the permanent corporate sheep trough, the historical oblivion of America, just so the kids will know. Don’t forget to place your answer in the form of a question.
     Ending an illegal war, fought on a bed of lies, that only profits corporations, and leaves debt to our children, a system that truly is not survivable for the American Dream and the economic well being of our grandchildren, and that breaks principles of world trust that the United States has been founded upon, should be a top priority of correction. It was during the Presidential election, but not after that election. If Obama is truly a leader and not just another lying, fraudulent politician, its time he stands up and proves it. At a time when the candle of freedom is challenged worldwide by a great and darkened storm, disengaging from the Middle East is like coming in out of the rain to stay dry instead of attempting to catch every raindrop before they hit us ~ and demanding that our children do all the catching for us.
     Until we do, every single elected man and woman in Congress is dishonest and derelict in their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States. That would render them all a necessary removal to cure the economic cancer. Every single one of them. They have failed America contemptuously. None of them has worked for a nation where education is affordable without huge debt, where housing and medical are affordable without huge debt, where Americans wanting to work can find good jobs unencumbered by huge debt, and where getting out of huge debt does not require more misguided thinking that caused that debt in the first place; war.

     This nation and our Constitutional Government never, ever was intended to have slick, permanent, professional politicians. And those men and women, who were never intended to be there, appearing as a housing union that is of, by and for attorneys that we call elected office, have created the largest conflict of interest, the largest criminal endeavor in the history of the United States; attorneys writing the laws they personally profit by. It wouldn’t be allowed without arrests in any other vocation in any other industry in America, because We The People are supposed to hold those elected offices. We The People are supposed to write the laws. And We The People are supposed to be an across-the-board slice of the American Pie, with different incomes, different jobs and different areas of expertise.

     Of The People, By The People, For the People. Pretty simple, really. And in the last election We The People spoke loud and clear to end the war. Why isn’t it? Because we can’t heal the massive leaks in our economy until we clear ourselves of the war that punches holes in American health, wealth, respectability, and well being.  Thinking that war is good for America and our economy is like thinking cancer is good for health because once it takes full effect, you’ll never have a cold again.