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I write, I play, I do stuff. In 2003, for the fourth consecutive year, I won the Naples Florida Oceanic Rodeo in the very difficult Shark Riding Division, aboard my trained Mako shark and companion of fifteen years, Little Minnie...in 1991 as a three year old, Little Minnie won the Three Mile Miami Open, and it was that year my invention of the Worrell's Shark Harness and Sulky revolutionized this little known sport. We both were catapulted into international acclaim, and our lives together, the ups and downs of the difficulty of Shark Racing, have never been the same. I want to thank everyone for their generosity and kindness in saluting Little Minnie in this, her last year of racing and jumping competition. Alas, she will never race again, but she raises a fin to each and every one of you, and gives thanks for every mullet thrown her way.

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